Waddesdon About Us Page

Hi everyone, our names are Steve & Gill and we have been setting up internet websites for 9 yrs.

We created the Waddesdon website, implementing a good idea that we have actually been working away at for some time now, bringing us an incredible sensation of accomplishment and delight, it has been quite a lot of fun to accomplish, problematic in many instances, but consequently fulfilling.

Convenient to use online sites are our aim, & web sites that won't discourage our website visitors with all those troublesome pop-up boxes, routinely endeavoring to sell you something that you don't want.

We at all times try to produce something useful on virtually every page, even if we're not embarrassed to admit that some of us really do need to produce a modest cash wherever possible, to continue to keep all our websites functioning, up-to-date and on the web.

We shall be very relieved, if you'll have quite as much enjoyment looking at the online site as we undeniably gained developing it, then our obligation is performed.

Enjoy, Gill & Steve - August 2013.