Waddesdon About Us Page

Welcome to our web site and hi everyone, we are Steve & Gill & we got involved in web-sites about 7 yrs ago.

Supplying us an amazing sensation of achievement and pleasure, we created this Waddesdon internet site, employing an inspiration that we have been practicing for a time now, it honestly was really stressful at times, though quite a lot of fun to accomplish and in the long run gratifying.

With any luck this site probably will not frighten you off through frustrating pop-up windows, relentlessly endeavoring to offer you something or get you to join for a newsletter you just don't want to get (filling up your email inbox with trash).

Displaying useable info on almost every web page of the website is without question our principal intent, though myself and gill still need to earn cash in an effort to keep everything functioning, so you may encounter some advertisements, please excuse us for this, we attempt not to ever over-do that.

We hope that you have as much satisfaction going through the online site, like we gained creating it, we will then be happy that we have completed our task sufficiently well.

Enjoy, Steve and Gill Locke - November 2013.